Total Verses : 29
Revealed At : MAKKA

Verse : 001

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : When the sun shall be wound round,
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : When the sun is wound round and lost its light (is lost and is overthrown)[].
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : When the sun will be folded up,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : When the sun is overthrown,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : When the sun (with its spacious light) is folded up;

Verse : 002

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : And when the stars shall dart down,
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And when the stars fall;
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : And when the stars will swoop down,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : And when the stars fall,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : When the stars fall, losing their luster;

Verse : 003

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : And when the mountains shall be made to pass away,
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And when the mountains are made to pass away;
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : And when the mountains will be set in motion,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : And when the hills are moved,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : When the mountains vanish (like a mirage);

Verse : 004

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : And when the she-camels big with young shall be abandoned,
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And when the pregnant she-camels are be neglected;
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : And when the ten-months pregnant she-camels will be abandoned,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : And when the camels big with young are abandoned,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : When the she-camels, ten months with young, are left untended;

Verse : 005

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : And when the wild beasts shall be gathered together,
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And when the wild beasts are gathered together;
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : And when the wild beasts will be gathered together,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : And when the wild beasts are herded together,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : When the wild beasts are herded together (in human habitations);

Verse : 006

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : And when the seas shall be filled,
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And when the seas become as blazing Fire or overflow;
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : And when the seas will be flared up,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : And when the seas rise,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : When the oceans boil over with a swell;

Verse : 007

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : And when the souls he paired,
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And when the souls are joined with their bodies (the good with the good and bad with the bad).
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : And when the people will be arranged in categories,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : And when souls are reunited,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : When the souls are sorted out, (being joined, like with like);

Verse : 008

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : And when the girl buried alive shall be asked:
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And when the female (infant) buried alive (as the pagan Arabs used to do) is questioned.[]Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : And when the girl-child that was buried alive will be asked,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : And when the girl-child that was buried alive is asked
Eng-Yusuf Ali : When the female (infant) buried alive, is questioned―

Verse : 009

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : For what sin she was slain.
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : For what sin was she killed?
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : For what sin she was killed,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : For what sin she was slain,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : For what crime she was killed;

Verse : 010

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : And when the Writs shall be lain open,
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And when the (written) pages [of deeds (good and bad) of every person] are laid open;
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : And when the scrolls (of deeds) will be unrolled,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : And when the pages are laid open,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : When the Scrolls are laid open;

Verse : 011

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : And when the heaven shall be stripped,
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And when the heaven is stripped off and taken away from its place;
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : And when the sky will be stripped off,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : And when the sky is torn away,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : When the World on High is unveiled:

Verse : 012

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : And when the Scorch shall be made to blaze,
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And when Hell-fire is set ablaze.
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : And when the Hell will be set ablaze,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : And when Hell is lighted,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : When the Blazing Fire is kindled to fierce heat;

Verse : 013

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : And when the Garden shall be brought nigh,
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And when Paradise is brought near,
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : And when the Paradise will be brought close,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : And when the garden is brought nigh,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : And when the Garden is brought near―

Verse : 014

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : Then every soul shall know that which it: hath presented.
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : (Then) every person will know what he has brought (of good and evil).
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : Then everyone will know what he (or she) has put forward.
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : (Then) every soul will know what it hath made ready.
Eng-Yusuf Ali : (Then) shall each soul know what it has put forward.

Verse : 015

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : I swear by the receding stars.
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : So verily, I swear by the planets that recede (i.e. disappear during the day and appear during the night).
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : So, I swear by those (stars) that recede,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : Oh, but I call to witness the planets,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : So verily I call to witness the planets that recede

Verse : 016

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : Moving swiftly and hiding themselves,
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And by the planets that move swiftly and hide themselves,
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : That proceed, that withdraw from the scene,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : The stars which rise and set,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : Go straight, or hide;

Verse : 017

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : And by the night when it departeth,
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And by the night as it departs;
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : And by the night when it departs,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : And the close of night,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : And the Night as it dissipates

Verse : 018

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : And by the morning when it shineth forth,
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And by the dawn as it brightens;
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : And the morning when it starts breathing,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : And the breath of morning
Eng-Yusuf Ali : And the Dawn as it breathes away the darkness―

Verse : 019

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : Verily it is a Word brought by a messenger honoured,
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : Verily, this is the Word (this Qur’ân brought by) a most honourable messenger [Jibrail (Gabriel), from Allâh to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)]Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : It (the Qur’an) is surely the word of a noble messenger (Jibra’il (A.S)),
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : That this is in truth the word of an honoured messenger,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : Verily this is the word of a most honourable Messenger,

Verse : 020

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : Owner of strength, of established dignity with the Lord of the Throne.
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : Owner of power, (and high rank) with (Allâh) the Lord of the Throne,
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : The one possessing power and a high status with the Lord of the Throne,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : Mighty, established in the presence of the Lord of the Throne,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : Endued with Power, with rank before the Lord of the Throne,

Verse : 021

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : Obeyed one there; trustWorthy.
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : Obeyed (by the angels in the heavens) and trustworthy.
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : The one obeyed there, trusted.
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : (One) to be obeyed, and trustworthy;
Eng-Yusuf Ali : With authority there, (and) faithful of his trust.

Verse : 022

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : Nor is your companion distracted.
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And (O people) your companion (Muhammad (SAW)) is not a madman;
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : Your companion (Muhammad ) is not a madman,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : And your comrade is not mad.
Eng-Yusuf Ali : And (O people!) your companion is not one possessed;

Verse : 023

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : Assuredly he beheld him in the horizon manifest.
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And indeed he (Muhammad (SAW)) saw him [Jibril (Gabriel)] in the clear horizon (towards the east)
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : And he did see him (Jibra’il (A.S)) on the clear horizon.
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : Surely he beheld Him on the clear horizon.
Eng-Yusuf Ali : And without doubt he saw him in the clear horizon.

Verse : 024

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : And he is of the unseen not a tenacious concealer.
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And he (Muhammad (SAW)) withholds not a knowledge of the unseen.
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : And he (the Prophet) is not stingy about (the news of) the unseen.
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : And he is not avid of the Unseen.
Eng-Yusuf Ali : Neither doth he withhold grudgingly a knowledge of the Unseen.

Verse : 025

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : Nor is it the word of a Satan accursed.
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And it (the Qur’ân) is not the word of the outcast Shaitân (Satan).
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : Nor is it the word of an outcast satan (devil).
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : Nor is this the utterance of a devil worthy to be stoned.
Eng-Yusuf Ali : Nor is it the word of an evil spirit accursed.

Verse : 026

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : Whither then go ye?
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : Then where are you going?
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : Then where are you going?
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : Whither then go ye?
Eng-Yusuf Ali : Then whither go ye?

Verse : 027

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : This is naught but an Admonition Unto the worlds-
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : Verily, this (the Qur’ân) is no less than a Reminder to (all) the ‘Alamîn (mankind and jinn)[].
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : It is nothing else but a message of advice for all the worlds,
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : This is naught else than a reminder unto creation,
Eng-Yusuf Ali : Verily this is no less than a Message to (all) the Worlds:

Verse : 028

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : Unto whomsoever of you willeth to walk straight.
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : To whomsoever among you who wills to walk straight,
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : For the benefit of any one from among you who intends to go straight.
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : Unto whomsoever of you willeth to walk straight.
Eng-Yusuf Ali : (With profit) to whoever among you wills to go straight.

Verse : 029

Eng-Abdul Daryabadi : And ye shall not will unless it be that Allah, the Lord of the worlds, willeth.
Eng-Dr. Mohsin : And you cannot will, unless (it be) that Allâh wills, the Lord of the ‘Alamîn (mankind, jinn and all that exists).
Eng-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-Audio : And you cannot intend (to do anything) unless it is so willed by Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.
Eng-Pickthal-Audio : And ye will not, unless (it be) that Allah willeth, the Lord of Creation.
Eng-Yusuf Ali : But ye shall not will except as Allah wills the Cherisher of the Worlds.



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